Drawing to Digital Illustration
With aspects of different cities in mind, the goal was to connect these favorite whimsical kinds of places to become a sort of idealistic sanctuary. It's an afternoon slowly turning to evening as lights begin to relieve the sun. It's almost time to close the umbrellas for the day, but bright enough to still take in a good book or have a relaxing conversation between friends. The convenience of the city with the peaceful nature of the gently swaying trees and climbing ivy encourage presence and appreciation of the day. Beginning with a rough sketch for placement becoming this dream-like view of a fictional destination based on coast-to-coast travels and experiences. Taking this sketch into Adobe Illustrator was the second stage of the art process to experiment with color.
Delving into the technical stage using Adobe Draw on an ipad really starts to put everything into perspective. Line and shape form the foundation of this digital illustration. 
The next portion of the artistic process involved detailing with color in closed shapes in Adobe Illustrator, thinking about how to create the look of the little illustrated elements to fit into the piece and designing trees and ivy with a more natural look. While the city buildings in the background seem a little distant, it is really the nature of sky and trees that pull the city together and make it visually complete. This aspect subtly references supporting companies that choose to be environmentally conscious creating more balance in the world. The bicycle promotes health and wellness and the umbrellas denote the earlier hours of a delightful sunny day.
Using a variety of techniques to create the digital illustrations of the people, animals and lights dancing from restaurant to town home was the last stage of the process. People from the past and present smile and converse while savoring delicious drinks and dining on Italian faire. It's a vision of community and a quiet spot in the shade.