The Literatea Book Club​​​​​​​
Graphic design, digital illustration for a book club in Nashville, TN, that meets once a month and has celebrated reading books together since 2013.
The Literatea Book Club Logo Design Copyright 2018 Cityscape Creative
The logo/emblem incorporates the fun secret society aspect of the book club's name, a play on words of the elusive Illuminati, and the fact that the club's founder loves tea. The background reminds bibliophiles of an old book's material texture. To symbolize a square and set of compasses, the overlapping Edwardian spoons, unfolding book shape and tea cup frolic around what is commonly believed to be the most identifiable mark of the Illuminati. The typography aspect detailing the founding of the club as well as the circular nature of the logo's shape are reminiscent of old tea labels. The personal style of the founder evoking 1960s chic and a long-time member being named Tiffany inspired the background color choice.
Book List Art Copyright 2018 Cityscape Creative
A digital listing of books celebrates the five-year anniversary of The Literatea Book Club for apparel and accessories. What a world they created with so many different genres of great reads. The design encompasses and references how fast time seemed to go over the years with months running together and at the same time reading certain books seeming like yesterday. 
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